PvP Challenges
for real-money
in casual games
  • Increase monetization.
  • Improve user-engagement and retention rate.
  • We handle support, fraud screening, security and transactions.
  • No start-up or monthly fee.

CasualKit Features

Real Money Challenges

Enables your players to challenge each other in online (synchronous or asynchronous) skill-based casual games for real money.

A simple SDK or API integration provides you with a ticket system and your players a wallet system (deposit and withdraw) so they can compete against each other for real money.

Fraud Protection & security

With both manual and automatic fraud screenings, we provide maximum security for both you and your users. We secure all payment transactions. It all includes hourly backup and logging of all activities.

User Wallets

Deposit and withdraw real money. Your players can instantly challenge each other or pay goods without having to grab for the credit card each time with our payment system.

Simple SDK or API Integration

Basically copy/paste the documentation. We are gamedevs ourselves, with over 9 years of experience and we know that simple integration and good service are essential to all gamedevs; so that's what you can expect from us.

Legislation and Regulations

We handle all legislation with the respective legal authorities. Since we are 3rd party we will always be responsible, not you. We provide geo-blocking so we can control which jurisdictions the real money game mode is available.

User Accounts, Data Storage, Real-Time Data

Data storage for all your users, such as level, achievements and purchased items. In your account you get access to real-time data of your users and their spendings.

Cross Promotion

Get cross promotion in our App Store Hojio which will be available for iOS and Android.

No Design or Gameflow Interruption

The real money challenge mode is optional to your users in your gameplay and you can customize the skin to your graphical design. It will not interrupt the gameflow and you control all aspects of the gameplay.

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How It Works?

Is It Legal To Play Games For Real Money?

Skill-based cash tournaments/challenges are not considered as gambling and hence legal. If a legal jurisdiction decides to regulate it we can geoblock that particular jurisdiction and the real money mode is not available in that area. Because we are a 3rd party we are entirely responsible and you just forward any inquiries to us.

CasualKit is designed for skill-based games where the winner is not based on any form of luck or chance and there is zero opportunity for cheating or manipulation. The only cash exchange is between the involved players in the game and not for spectators.

Is it compatible with my games?

Any casual games that are skill-based, involve any competitiveness, and include any form of online PvP mode (synchronous or asynchronous) like quiz, sports, arcade, strategy, shooter, and endless-runner games are great for tournaments and challenges between several players (usually friends).

It’s compatible with all platforms

Game modes

Any online competition between players like tournaments or head-to-head (incl. team vs team) challenges. You as gamedev control every aspects of the gameplay meaning your code decides matchmaking system and the parameters that determines the outcome (winner and losers).

What if I already have a revenue stream like ads or IAP?

No problem because it’s designed to work alongside any other revenue streams and other 3rd party installs. We will not interfere with any of it because we want you to be able to progress as much as possible.

What about security?

We got it all covered and handle key issues such as fraud prevention, client identification, location verification, chip dumping, hacking, and transaction related customer support.

You can relax and focus your resources on what you are passionate about - developing engaging multiplayer games.

Revenue Share

Users pay a fee of 10% of every single challenge/tournament that is your revenue. Of your 10% revenue we take 30%. We only take 30% of your revenue that is generated by our service.

Example: P1 ($1,1) vs P2 ($1,1) = $2,2 challenge. P1 wins the challenge and win $2 and you get the $0,2. We take 30% equal $0,06 leaving you with $0,14.

Online Multiplayer Server

We don’t provide any online multiplayer server so you need to handle that yourself.

See here how to setup a server.
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Example of user experience

In this example the player will create a new Hojio profile - which is the user front-end of CasualKit - deposit money and finally start a real-money challange game.

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How To

It is simple to integrate!

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5 simple steps away to start increasing your monetization, user-engagement, and retention rate:

  1. Connect game and signup.
  2. Add game(s).
  3. Read the API documentation or use the quick start.
  4. Follow the instructions and you're connected within minutes.

Now you're ready to start improving the user-engagement and retention rate and increasing your monetization (ARPU) for your kickass game(s)! You will of course also get access to a real-time reporting system so you can follow stats in real-time.

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About us

CasualKit lets you develop and publish free-to-play games and deliver the full game experience to your gamers without chipping away at that experience through annoying ads and blinking offers. We make it easy for you to let your players compete against each other for real money in challenges and tournaments which increases monetization, player engagement and retention. This will make playing your game even more exciting too.

As indie game developer ourselves with more than 9 years of experience and more than 5 million signups, we know exactly what challenges you face regarding monetizing from your game. We love games and we want to help game developers to be able to monetize on their games so they can continue to develop great games.

We believe our new devkit will revolutionize the monetization model for game developers and we want you to be part of it!.

Meet The Team:

Søren Gleie
Founder and CEO
Favorite Power-Up?
Blue Shell - the Mario Kart Series
Armann Gudmundsson
Co-owner and Developer
Favorite Weapon?
Portal Gun - the Portal Series
Jeppe Andersen
Marketing Manager
Favorite Enemy?
Imp - the Doom Series
Jonas Andersen
Favorite Character?
Alex Kidd - the Alex Kidd Series

The Company:

CasualKit is owned by GAMEPAY ApS.

GamePay ApS
Trangravsvej 8, 1436 Copenhagen

CVR (Company Registration Number): 35377190

Feel free to contact us with any question, big or small
via email at jeppe@casualkit.com
via Skype at CasualKit (Call)
or call us on 0045 71727573

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